Marketing Research and Planning

For great marketing plan results, get great marketing research

KW2 marketing strategy has helped hundreds of clients blueprint a winning approach and marketing mix for their business objectives, with a proven marketing planning process created by KW2 and Scott Cooper, author of The Successful Marketing Plan.

Of course, you can’t impact what you don’t understand. So we pull out the stops on marketing research. Our integrated marketing team uses quantitative and qualitative research tools like focus groups and online panels, site analytics, social media listening and usability testing to observe customer behaviors and develop game-changing insights.


KW2's experience can help you:

Get quality qualitative

Step into the minds of your consumers for more effective communication and deeper customer relationships.

  • Get experienced focus group moderation
  • Test messaging and campaign creative
  • Reach select audiences with online panels
  • Know your website visitors with user surveys

Stick to the plan

From a lightning-fast launch-to-market strategy to your next comprehensive one-, two-, three- or five-year marketing plan, KW2 can help.

  • Develop objectives per target audience segment
  • Set directional strategies to reach your goals
  • Get tactical marketing mix recommendations
  • Outline internal and external launch plans

Measure your success

Separate the data from the noise with evaluation tools that help you see what works and measure what matters.

  • Choose key performance indicators and goals
  • Take baseline measurements and set benchmarks
  • Access interactive analytics dashboards
  • Receive regular campaign analysis and reporting