Branding and Message Strategy

Effective branding doesn’t have to be complicated

The right brand positioning can differentiate you from your closest competitors, resonate with your most faithful consumers, and connect brands, products and people. How do you get there?

Some branding companies drown you in biz-speak. At KW2, we just want to know what you should be famous for. Our straight-forward process has successfully launched and evolved hundreds of brands, and it begins by asking three essential questions. We listen to your stakeholders, conduct testing to create a winning message strategy, and give you the brand identity tools to tell a compelling story.


KW2's experience can help you:

Position your brand

We’ll help you answer the three questions that define a strong brand position: Who are you for?, What do you really do? and How are you different?

  • Start with our 3 Questions branding framework
  • Conduct a thorough competitive audit
  • Establish your brand hierarchy, worldview and promise
  • Hear from internal teams and key stakeholders

Refresh your brand identify

Work side-by-side with our creative team to create a voice and visual system that’s consistent, impactful and absolutely unique.

  • Explore your style during an interactive creative intake
  • Conduct a logo design evolution—or revolution
  • Join our collaborative brand and product naming process
  • Set and keep high standards with a cohesive style guide

Craft messaging that gets results

Our brand message testing process closes the gap between the story your brand is telling and the one customers want to hear.

  • Hear from key stakeholders and consumers
  • Develop differentiating value propositions
  • Focus group for relevance, clarity and appeal
  • Develop content that connects with customers