Cutting-edge technologists get an edgy new look

NET had a problem. In the field, the technology services company was at the forefront of on-site tech systems and support. (Just ask the world’s largest retailer.) But in the marketplace, the brand was behind the times.


Ahead and behind.

When Fortune 100 retailers need to update their point-of-sale displays, launch 1,000 new stores or solve electronics problems at 3 a.m., they call NET Technology. NET’s reputation for state-of-the-art solutions and painless project management has made them the leading retail technology services company in North America. But that’s not what their customers saw at first glance.

From their logo and tradeshow materials to the company website, NET’s brand communications were 20 years old. Stock photography and a bland site template had given the cutting-edge company a generic look. And though NET technologists were quick to introduce needed services and solutions,’s content and structure was less flexible. 

It was time for an update.

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From cluttered to comprehensive.

First, we focused. Competing messages had left NET struggling to communicate their value. So we dug into their primary audience’s motivations and needs—and discovered a driving desire for simplicity. Regional retail supervisors don’t have the time to manage a stable of tech specialists—or the stomach to lose perfectly-good profits when systems go down and productivity dips.

NET’s famous hustle, huge service network and wide-ranging expertise was the answer. 

Repositioning the brand as the nation’s only reliable provider of comprehensive, one-stop tech services crystalized the company’s messaging strategy. It also inspired a brand new look, starting with a multi-faceted logo that brings movement to NET’s full circle of responsive services, technologies and support.

A high-tech touch up.

Reimagined site architecture that shortens the distance between visitors and their goals, and highlights unique services like NET’s 24/7 Help Desk. Featured case studies that showcase the company’s field-tested expertise. A social media strategy built around NET’s referral base. And a streamlined online application for service technicians that eliminated the need for time-consuming phone interviews.

KW2’s hardworking site redesign delivered a clear promise to NET’s prospective customers, along with greater functionality, efficiency and sales support. All wrapped in an exciting new visual system.

Net Web Flat

"From the conception of the rebrand, KW2 consistently met or exceeded every one of my expectations. The creative talent of the KW2 team took my thoughts to a reality that will live on the web for years to come.  Well done!"

James Brandenburg, Director of Sales, NET

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