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Connecting Wisconsin voters to the info they need

For the Wisconsin Elections Commission, getting ready for the 2016 General Election meant getting Wisconsin’s citizens up-to-date voting information. They tapped our crew to craft a website that could provide easy access to the information voters need.

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Easy does it.

Keeping up with elections and primaries, getting registered, finding your polling place—there’s a lot for voters to know. That’s why everything about our design for MyVote Wisconsin is friendly and functional, starting with the brand new logo.

Loopy hand-lettering and rounded forms add a human touch to the logo’s type while maintaining perfect legibility—an important consideration given our widely-ranging, statewide audience. The V  in MyVote does double duty, evoking the classic checkmark we all associate with the ballot box. Add a traditional primary color palette, and the effect is clear, upbeat and inviting. 

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A workhorse under the hood.

The MyVote Wisconsin site is designed to feel simple. Navigation focuses on tasks instead of topics, helping visitors find what they came to learn (or start what they came to do) quickly. Step-by-step prompts guide users through complex actions, like updating a voter record. And simple additions, like the ability to add election dates to your personal calendar, add delight whether users are on a laptop or phone.


But underneath the clean layout and easy-to-use tools, there’s a powerful engine working to make sure every Wisconsin voter can get the personal, up-to-date information they need. To ensure always-accurate results, KW2 worked with a team of talented development partners to build a robust database system capable of parsing a state’s worth of complex, secured data—including election dates, polling place locations, ballot designs and more.

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Proof, meet pudding.

The site’s easy tools and mobile-friendly face lift were ready for record early voting numbers in Wisconsin, and put MyVote Wisconsin to the test well before November 8. By the time the last vote was cast, the site saw hundreds of thousands of visitors, handled nearly 60,000 absentee ballot requests and helped 20,000 citizens register to vote. All without a hitch.

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