First Choice Dental Marketing Campaign and Website

Netting New Patients for Less with a Better Brand Story

Happy stock photo families. Flawless, sparkling smiles. (Yawn.) Dentistry ads are all the same. If First Choice Dental wanted to increase their market share, they'd have to swap that boring industry standard for a desirable difference all their own. From site to spots, KW2 made it happen.

Fcd Website Picture

A bright insight.

Most dentists like to promise consumers a healthy smile. But for actual patients, a healthy mouth’s the bare minimum a provider should deliver. KW2 message testing
revealed that, for many young professionals and busy families, going to the dentist can be a bigger pain than an actual toothache. They want a clinic that takes care of their problems, not just their teeth.

Fcd Website Mobile
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Services to smile about.

First, we branded the patient-centric services that have always placed First Choice Dental a cut above the competition. Then we highlighted those solutions in fresh digital and broadcast ads that proved First Choice Dental’s “got going to the dentist solved.” Finally, we launched a completely redesigned, with seamless online appointment scheduling, interactive maps, bill pay and more. The site also features new content for specialty seekers and an expanded experience for prospective patients that lets visitors preview their first visit, find the perfect First Choice Dental provider and even explore the clinic’s services by priorities like comfort, convenience and affordability.

A 9% spike in new patients.

Armed with a mold-breaking brand campaign and KW2’s ambitious marketing and media planning, First Choice Dental is getting the new patients and higher revenues they were hungry for. Highly effective ads across social media, paid search, radio and TV have helped drive a flood of new appointments—and drop the clinic’s Cost Per Acquisition for new patients by a stunning 35%. And within 8 hours of launching the brand’s ecommerce-ready site redesign, an unprecedented 70+ patients had scheduled an appointment via