Helping the nation’s hangry get fed

EatStreet’s easy online ordering connects empty bellies to local restaurants in 250 cities nationwide. To drive app downloads, their team needed a new TV spot on the air in just three-ish weeks. KW2 went to work.

A message in a moment.

EatStreet is made for students and young professionals with busy lives, zero cooking skills and only 3 of the 14 required ingredients for Mu Shoo Pork. These food opportunists survive on a mix of takeout and Whole Foods rotisserie chickens because, right up there with tastiness, easy is what matters most.

Good thing ordering food with EatStreet’s app is easy; just poke your phone a couple of times and you’re done. So KW2 built the EatStreet story around that simple app tap, making it the hero of the one moment everyone can relate to: standing at your fridge, poking at leftovers that used to be food…hungering for something better.

Done together.

KW2’s no stranger to doing good work, fast. But EatStreet’s fast-paced project served as an excellent proving ground for KW2’s collaborative approach. With streamlined presentations, more working meetings and open communication (i.e. so many phone calls) between our production partners, our people and EatStreet’s team, we got EatStreet on the air in record time. And then we saw record results.

Eat Street Making Of Image A
Eat Street Making Of Image B
Eat Street Making Of Image C
Eat Street Making Of Image D

A 300% increase.

Our television spot sparked a huge increase in app store traffic, helping EatStreet achieve a year’s worth of app store visits in just 3 months.

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