Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

Building a revolutionary brand from the tarmac up

Despite the lost luggage and cancelled flights, less than 10% of us purchase travel insurance to ease our pain. Probably because insurance is pain. BHTP asked KW2 to help them change all that with the launch of the world’s first proactive travel protection.


It turns out travelers have baggage.

To gain insight into today’s travelers, KW2 interviewed business flyers, as well as travel insurance veterans and rookies. Our research found that most people love travel; they just hate travelling—and they don’t believe anything can make it better. So travel insurance that lived on their phones, tracked their flights, fixed problems automatically and paid out without a ton of paperwork? Too good to be true. Their skepticism helped us define BHTP’s intangible value to travelers, and inspired BHTP’s airy new look and campaign theme: It’s travel insurance. But it feels like magic.

Teaching travelers to believe.

Shouting “New!” grabs attention. But with so many travel insurance newbies in the market, KW2 knew BHTP would have to educate their audience, too. Building out our customers’ journey revealed a lengthy travel planning window: planning a trip means weeks spent building itineraries, comparison shopping, even creating travel playlists. We had the screen time to reach and teach them. So KW2 started lesson planning. 

The result was a wave of launch pre-roll videos and retargeted display ads designed to guide customers down the purchase path from education to consideration. We used the story of one not-so-stuck traveler to demo AirCare’s proactive technology, and developed a smashing explainer video to give skeptics a glimpse at BHTP’s real-time backbone. KW2 also worked with media partners to create more than 800 banners introducing BHTP and the company’s flagship product, AirCare Flight Protection—allowing us to A/B-test campaign imagery and messaging throughout the campaign.

Designing a digital experience that converts.

It all led consumers to and the BHTP app, where our UX and content strategists worked hand-in-hand with development partners to smooth out complicated interactions (like getting an insurance quote, making a claim and managing a policy) and integrate educational content (like product videos, customer stories, coverage overviews and interactive feature highlights) into one seamless interactive experience. 


Bhtp Web Flat w border

“KW2 demonstrated exceptional experience and pulled together a dynamic team to help us launch our new brand. There was great chemistry between the two organizations from the beginning.”

Brad Rutta, Director of Marketing, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

Prepped for a revolution.

From product naming and site design to the development of a three-year marketing plan, KW2 helped BHTP build an international brand worthy of their game-changing tech. Our work set the stage for a successful product launch (see Time, Travel & Leisure, and USA Today) and promising sales for Berkshire Hathaway’s first-ever consumer brand, right from the start.