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Brand. Brand position. Brand promise. Which one is it?

Like many professional services, advertising and branding agencies use plenty of terms to describe tools of the trade. In the land of brand development, some terms are used interchangeably and often have a meaning that is unique to one agency. Even for seasoned professionals, the terms we use can have a variety of meanings.

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Marketing vs. marketing

Your Marketing is too important to be the sole responsibility of your marketing department.

It’s a strange thought. It suggests that your marketing team is somehow incompetent or that decisions should be made by committee. Neither is true. 

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Moving Beyond "The Millennial"

My status as a “50-something mom of two boys” could mean a lot of things to marketers. But my status as a “50-something mom of two boys who co-owns a business, hates shopping, supports local businesses, and is willing to pay more for original clothing and artwork” means a lot more to marketers. Why?