Track what matters: creating Google Analytics events with Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager integrates with several analytics, marketing and support platforms, but one of the most effective ways it can be used is to create Google Analytics website events. Google Analytics and Tag Manager are a perfect match: with just a bit of code, you can track website actions in real time and determine the efficacy of your content creation and marketing efforts. This guide provides real-world examples for tracking different types of events in Tag Manager, as well as an overview of how Tag Manager is structured. Once you set up events, you can use that data to create Google Analytics goals and audiences, as well as for retargeting and prospecting in your paid marketing efforts.

Track What Matters: Creating Google Analytics Events with Tag Manager will help you:

  • Understand how Google Tag Manager works and learn the individual components of a tag
  • Connect Google Analytics and Tag Manager for quick and easy event tracking
  • Set up different types of events in Tag Manager such as button or link clicks, video plays, scroll depth and form submission
  • See real-world examples of how tags are set up