Understand your customers with Google Analytics Audiences

To Google Analytics, a site visitor is just an anonymous cookie, but to you, it could be a prospective student or customer, current customer, or any number of different audiences. Each of these audiences comes to your website for a different reason, from a different channel and with a different goal in mind. 

Understanding these audiences and what they’re likely to do next can help you become a more effective marketer, providing the content and messages that most appeal to each of the channels where they congregate. This guide will help you set up one of the most underutilized features of Google Analytics, Google Analytics Audiences, which allows you to segment your web traffic to get a better understanding of your users.

The KW2 Guide to Understanding Your Marketing Performance with Google Analytics Audiences will help you:

  • Determine your audience objectives and what you hope to learn from audience segmentation
  • Define your audience using Google Analytics attributes
  • Set up audiences in Google Analytics based on your criteria
  • View your audience data to gain deeper insights about your website users