Creating effective Google Analytics goals and events

Once you’ve determined how your organization’s goals translate into measurable actions and have created your measurement plan, you can configure your Google Analytics account to help you track your key performance indicators (KPIs). By default, Google Analytics tracks a lot of your users’ on-site behavior, but if you don’t have a solid event strategy in place you may be missing out on key actions like interactions with on-page content like video plays, button clicks or vertical scroll depth. Creating an event setup strategy in advance will make sure you get a truer picture of how your users are interacting with your site and will allow you to set up goals that track more than just pageviews. 

KW2's Guide to Effective Google Analytics Goals and Events will help you:

  • Understand the difference between Google Analytics goals and events and when to use each
  • Learn the ways events and goals can be created in Google Analytics and other platforms like Google Tag Manager
  • Understand the four components that make up an event
  • Develop a strategy for event creation to make future measurement easier
  • Estimate actual or representative event and goal values
  • Set up four different types of Google Analytics goals