Meet our leadership team

KW2 leadership leads by example and by experience. Collectively, they’ve clocked more than 125 years in marketing and advertising, earned while working for the best agencies in Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, Austin and Detroit. They’ve been at the big table with brands like Boeing, Kellogg’s, Pepsi, T-Mobile, Microsoft, HP, Johnsonville, Harley-Davidson, the Green Bay Packers, 3M...the list goes on and on.

They use that industry-leading expertise to guide a fearless band of hard working, collaborative problem-solvers and to maximize every service, idea and design we deliver for our clients.

Meet Our Leaders

Jen Savino

Vice President & Co-Owner

As head of Account Service, Jen leads our marketing research, planning and strategy teams.

Andy Wallman

President & Co-Owner

An award-winning writer and Executive Creative Director, Andy drives creativity and innovation at KW2.

Tim Christian

Vice President & Director of Digital

Tim is the hands-on leader of our user experience, digital media and project management pros.

Michelle Sweet

Account Supervisor & Behavior Change Specialist

Michelle adeptly manages the complexities of government and public health marketing.

Scott Cooper

Strategic Partner

Successful agency president, CMO and author, Scott’s deep expertise rounds out our marketing strategy team.

Harvey Briggs

Strategic Partner

Harvey’s national branding/creative director/agency principal experience adds to KW2 creative strategy.

The KW2 Diversity, Inclusion and Sensitivity Advisory Committee

As part of our ongoing efforts to understand and learn more about race, diversity and culture as individuals, as a company and through our work, KW2 created a committee that we engage on public health, government and higher education projects to help our work be as relevant and actionable as it can be to all audiences. 

Our Advisory Committee

Sandra Dempsey Headshot

Content Creator, Vlogger for
Estamos Unidos US

Marie Justice Headshot

Business Development Representative, Credit Union National Association

Christopher Kilgour Headshot

Program Manager/Co-Founder of ITA Tribal Technology Institute,
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lorraine Lathen Headshot

CEO & President,
Jump at the Sun Consultants

Dina Nina Martinez

Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Comedian, Actor

Edgar Mendez Headshot

Beat Reporter,
Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service

Niketa Rae Miller Headshot

Business Development Representative, Credit Union National Association;
Social Media Consultant

Joseline Nyinawabera Headshot

Marketing Strategist, UW-Madison School of Business; Marketing Consultant